For forty plus years I have been creating beautiful images of people, places and things. It’s not a job, it is my work and is as full of joy today as when I started. I don’t care much for image competitions but I have had award-winning images as I move through my life in photography. People ask me when I am going to retire. My answer is always the same: when I can no longer hold a camera.

All of my images are portraits. Some folks call some of them “Head Shots” for some reason – most are of men and women and children and the rest are of many things that catch my eye and interest me. You can contact me about creating your professional portrait by clicking on the “contact me” link at the bottom of the page. Many images are created to help people present the best of themselves on the web, i.e., LinkedIn or Facebook, etc. Photographic images are very important when you aren’t physically present to give a positive impression. Other photographs, made for personal use and/or to help create family history use are just as important, if not more so, than images made for business. They are family histories.

Since boredom has no place in any relationship, wonderful images can help sustain the excitement and love we all want. A portrait of her, looking wonderful; of him, looking like the man she wants to keep with her for life; of couples, obviously in love – all of these help keep a relationship exciting, the way it should be. Photography by Michael D. McGuire helps keep the romance and excitement alive in any relationship – a marriage, a budding love match, a friendship, and almost any other way people interact as they move through life.

Remember, romance isn’t just flowers and jewelry and expensive dinners by candlelight; photographs are an excellent and romantic way to say, “I love you.” Don’t wait for just the “right” time, let’s make great things happen right now just for you!

There are images I make because I see something or someone and I know that I need to create that photograph, regardless of what it might be. Many of these are
images you will see in my galleries. Many are available for licensing, or you may contact me directly to purchase a print. You may call me at 949-916-2272, or, again, use the email link at the bottom of any page.

Please take the time to visit these galleries. Please remember that all images are copyrighted and that all rights are reserved by the maker. Should you wish to purchase the right to use one of these images, please contact the photographer, Michael D. McGuire at 949-916-2272 or via email. Check on me at LinkedIn

Two “Babes”

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the Bird
The Goose

My Family