Every business person needs to present themselves positively,
particularly when they can’t be in the room to do their presentation.

Business portraits can communicate this message for you when you are not in the room and will communicate it better, faster and more effectively than you might believe. Many of my clients have had the remarkable experience of increased business simply by using a portrait that lets people know why they should get in touch with you. Ask me about the three questions every portrait should answer effectively. Some call these “headshots,” a term that sometimes causes people to think cheap, quick and dirty and good enough. If you want to promote your business and yourself, invest in yourself – look your best and express the best of yourself in a business portrait by Michael D. McGuire

Someone once said (believe it, or not) that, “If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a portrait by Michael McGuire must be worth a million dollars!”

An offer I hope you can’t refuse...

Business Portraits for small, medium and large business owners and their employees for $175. I will give you a business portrait for 20% less than the normal $175 just for finding this site. For a group of people who need portraits, I can arrange for a special rate per person. All who take advantage will have an incredible portrait with which to present themselves on Facebook, LinkedIn, or wherever an image will allow people to see you at your best. They will get it created it at an incredibly low price for the quality. Take advantage of me today! You should definitely ask about the special group pricing for employees and/or partners – it’s a great deal!

Maribel, Florist, Orange County CA


Anytime Portraits


Any time of year is the best time to create the family portrait. Indoors or out, a fine family image is the
best way to stay in touch with your family history and to have a memory “trigger” for all of those really
good times.

The big holidays are a great time for a portrait by Michael McGuire, but any time of the year is a good time (Think Fall and Winter, Spring and Summer). Mothers, Fathers, Granddads or Grandmothers have birthdays and anniversaries; Kids celebrate the arrival of another year – these are all good times to create that family portrait.

We shouldn’t put it off any longer. When we do, we lose many of the bits and pieces of the family’s history, often forever. Don’t wait. Call and set a date and time to make it happen. Mention this offer when you call, and receive a 20% discount on your session!


TRixie-christmas 2013-web

Any season is a good season to have portraits of our pets created. Our dogs, cats and even birds are all part of the family and deserve a portrait looking their best. For me, any time is the time to create great pet portraits. To finally have that wonderful photo of your pet and his/her friends, call today to set a date and time for a pet session. If you mention this offer, you can have a 20% discount on this session, too.

To contact me, please use the “contact me” link at the bottom of the page or call 949-916-2272


Romance should be a year-round effort for all men and women. Romantic photographic portraits help keep that particular flame very much alive. Perhaps it is time to have something like that happen to you with a photographic portrait by
Michael D. McGuire. Mention this website and you will receive a 20% reduction in the price of a session.

Anna - Loves the 40s look.


or you may email via the “contact me” button at the bottom of the page.

Getting that picture you took "just right...

Sometimes, you get a really good photograph with your camera and wish you had a bigger version that you could frame and hang in your office or your home. You want it be the best it can possibly be - not a cheap print from Costco or somewhere else. Perhaps you do want Costco to print it, but you want the image file to be exactly the
way it should be, so the print comes out as near perfect as is possible. Well, now you can have that. I am offering my skills in PhotoShop and a few other softwares to make sure you get what you want.

This is an image I processed for a client, Yousef Shafiee. It came from his non-professional digital camera as a Jpeg, which I processed and set it up for a 12x16 inch print on Ilford Luster paper. If you would like me to do this for you, I can provide either a print (up to 12x18 inches) or a Tiff file at the size image you want (this is good if you want it even bigger, and I will recommend a print maker to you). My fee for this is $40.00 (plus tax for a print - no tax for the electronic transfer). Contact me via the “send an email” page for more information and/or directions on how to get the file to me.